Bird flu has been detected in Kathmandu amid Covid-19 outbreak

bird flu

Bird flu has been discovered in Kathmandu once more. On Monday, the flu was identified in two locations in Kirtipur and one location in Chandragiri.

In the first step, the Department of Livestock Services dispatched a technical team this morning to cull 800 turkeys and sanitize the area. The department gathered samples and sent them to the Central Veterinary Laboratory after receiving information that turkeys were dying in an odd manner in the area.

The turkeys were found to be infected with avian flu after a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was performed on the samples.

The Department of Livestock Services has stated that it will issue a thorough statement this evening after the birds have been culled and the area has been sanitized. Previously, the flu has been identified in Tarakaeshwor and other regions.