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June 9, Birgunj. People’s representatives and employees of Birgunj, the only metropolis of Madhes, are busy preparing the budget today. The corporation is preparing to bring a budget of Rs. 3.30 billion for the coming fiscal year 2089/80 in the municipal council to be held on Friday.

The main sources of Birgunj’s budget are the grants given by the federal government and the state governments and the money received from revenue sharing. Conditional grant from Union government 809.8 million, special grant capital 60 million, supplementary grant 100 million, conditional grant from state government 17.5 million, special grant 4 million, supplementary grant 25 million, 1261 through Regional Urban Development Project (RUDP). The corporation estimates that it will receive Rs.

Similarly, Rs. 20 million from the Road Board, Rs. 96 million from the District Coordinating Committee, Rs. 478.8 million from the Government of Nepal for financial equalization, Rs. Is estimated to be.

The amount of financial equalization and revenue sharing can be spent by the metropolis in the priority areas. The remaining cash reserves are estimated to be Rs. 250 million in the current fiscal year. The committee is finalizing the budget in the budget and planning of the corporation.

Development of physical infrastructure, education and health have been given priority. Based on the common commitment, the areas of main priority have been identified. The Birgunj Metropolitan City had brought a budget of Rs 3.55 billion for the current fiscal year.

The next budget is estimated to be Rs. 250 million less than the budget for the current fiscal year. As the regional urban development project has reached its final stage, the budget under this heading has been reduced.

Internal resources have not grown as fast as they should. The federal government’s grant has also come down by 50 million. Mayor Rajeshman Singh informed that the budget will be prepared by fulfilling the common commitment by giving priority to the interest of the people.

49 to 980 million budget to the ward

The Birgunj Metropolitan City is preparing to give a budget of Rs. 49 lakh to 980 million so that the ward can spend on its own. Apart from the administrative expenses, the ward spends the same amount by selecting the plan by determining its priority area.

Some ward chairpersons have come up with the plan after discussing with the local stakeholders and leaders, while others have come up with the plan after discussing among the people’s representatives. The ward chairpersons have said that they will come up with a plan to fulfill the promise made before the election. They are moving ahead with the plan by giving priority to education, health, sanitation, roads, drains and electricity.

Ward Chairman of Ward No. 10 Sushil Sah Kanu said that they would work to make the ward a model in sanitation. “The main problem of our ward is sanitation. When tractors come, they do not throw garbage. Later, they throw garbage,” he said. I have allocated a budget of Rs 1 million for that. ‘

He has set a budget to pay the fee for collecting blood at the Blood Transfusion Center, Birgunj, and to distribute bags and copy pens free of cost in two community schools.

Weak internal income

The Birgunj metropolis was estimated to collect Rs.

While preparing the budget for the current fiscal year, the target of internal revenue was set at Rs. 1.547 million. But by mid-June, revenue of Rs 574.42 million has been collected.

Landlord registration fee is also added to the internal revenue. Taxpayers fail to pay their taxes on time and do not register their businesses, which affects their internal revenue. Harishankar Kurmi, an official of the metropolis, said that the practice of not paying taxes on time has affected the revenue.

‘Taxpayers don’t pay taxes unless they need to. They don’t pay taxes until they go to a financial institution to get a loan or work abroad. Taxes such as regular property tax, home renovation tax, business tax are to be paid on time every year. They don’t do that, ”he said.

Another reason for shrinking internal income is property tax. The corporation is preparing to reduce the property tax rate this year.

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