Black fungus: Why there are so many infections?

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The infection of ‘black fungus’, which has been becoming deadly in recent times, has been seen to be relatively high.

In Nepal, one person has died due to the infection of black fungus on June 3 and at least 12 people have been confirmed infected with the virus.

The number of people infected with black fungus in neighboring India has reached about 12,000. Most of those infected are people who have recently recovered from the corona. It is considered uncommon for so many people to be infected with black fungus. The death toll from the infection is 50 percent.

According to some medical experts, the number of people with diabetes in India has increased due to the high incidence of black fungal infections. But diabetes is not the only cause of this infection. Here is some information about black fungus infection:

In which countries of the world are mucormycosis seen?

Prior to the corona epidemic, at least 38 countries around the world were infected with mucormycosis. It is called ‘black mold’ in the language that everyone understands.

According to Leading International Fungal Education, India and Pakistan have 140 cases per 1 million people. These two countries have the highest rates of infection in the world.

A fungus infection specialist at the University of Manchester, Dr. David says that before the corona epidemic hit India, black fungal infections were more common than in other countries. “mucormycosis is largely linked to uncontrolled diabetes and there are many such patients in India,” he says.

A worldwide study found that 94 percent of those who recovered from a corona infection and had a fungal infection had diabetes. 71 percent of them were Indians.

In addition to India, some other countries with high numbers of diabetics have also seen an increase in black fungal infections. Pakistan and Bangladesh also have a high number of diabetics, but these countries do not have a large number of people infected with mucormycosis.

In Pakistan, five cases of mucormycosis have been reported in recent weeks. Of these, four had died by May 12.

So far, 29 cases of black fungus have been reported in Brazil. However, it is not clear how many of these people were infected with corona and how many had diabetes.

Russia has also reported that some people have been infected with myocardial infarction in recent times. However, Russia did not say how many of them had diabetes. Although the number of diabetics in the United States is high, the incidence of mucormycosis is very low.

Can this infection be dangerous for people with diabetes?

According to experts, the problem has increased especially because many people do not know that they have diabetes. An IDF estimate found that about 57 percent of people in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka were unaware of diabetes. It is estimated that there will be a large number of such people in Pakistan.

Dr. of the International School of Medicine in Kyrgyzstan. Hari Prasad Prakash says, “There are a large number of uncontrolled diabetics in India because people do not check their health regularly.”

According to him, the problem of diabetes should be found by testing other diseases. Also, it is not treated. When diabetes is not controlled, many types of infections are more likely to occur. One of which is a fungal infection.

In Africa too, 60 percent of people are undiagnosed. However, in terms of numbers, only three percent of those infected with mucormycosis are infected.

Dr. Denning says: ‘It may be that mucorrhoea has not been detected. It is not easy to identify it. Difficulties in sample collection and lack of sensitivity to diagnostic tests make it difficult to identify black mold.

What causes black fungus infection?

According to experts, the use of steroids in the treatment of some corona infections can also be linked to the infection of black fungus. Two steroids – dexamethasone and methyl prednisolone – are used exclusively for coronary artery disease. It has been used to reduce the effects of corona on the immune system of patients. However, many took steroids without consulting a doctor. Due to which, the risk of other infections including black fungus may be higher, experts said.

A study of nearly 2,000 people in the UK found that dexamethasone helped reduce the death rate of people with severe and severe symptoms of corona, but that the infection could be harmful to those with normal symptoms. Studies have also shown that taking large amounts of steroids can be harmful.