Blind Date season 2: Himalaya Television kicked out the show after it started producing unairable C-grade content. A television source said.

One and a half years ago, during the lockdown, a reality show suddenly became popular on social media. The show that gained popularity, especially among the youth and teenagers was – Blind Date.

After the first season became a hit, the hyped production side started the second season within a short span, which is currently on air. However, there is no charm like in the first season. This show has also lost the platform of national television after it started condoning obscenity in the name of entertainment.

Blind Date season 2 Nepal News

Seeing the popularity of the first season, Himalaya TV introduced a blind date to attract viewers. In April last year, the director of the program, Roshan Dahal, signed a contract with the TV. According to the agreement, the broadcast started last May. However, the problem appeared from the very first episode.

The second season, which has spent a lot of money, is poor in terms of content. The characters are presented as clowns in tunes that entertain the audience. Ambiguous and obscene dialogues are made to speak. Abominable acts are happening. There is no reality left in it.

Himalaya Television ‘kicked out the show after it started producing unairable C-grade content. A television source said that it could not be continued due to the violation of the terms of the contract.

“We were forced to cancel the contract as it became difficult to broadcast despite the censoring,” said a television source.

There was a growing popular demand that national television should not give place to such a show that spreads distortions among the youth. Finally, the television has given the show a break after the eighth episode. 

Even though it was removed by television, this show continues to be broadcast on YouTube. As 18 episodes have aired so far, its popularity is on the decline. The first, second, and third episodes got 16 lakh, 11 lakh, and 11 lakh views respectively. However, the latest episodes are shrinking to 6-7 lakh views.

Many televisions in the world broadcast reality shows of this nature. The main goal of such a show is to help young men and women bond with each other by making the date.

Accordingly, different couples are given the opportunity to spend time together and understand each other. Based on that, they can choose their partner. When this concept was introduced in Nepal, the audience liked the first season.

The production side had prepared a fun show with a small budget. Being scripted but entertaining, it managed to garner good views and filled the producer’s pocket. Its participants went viral on social media.

Although it was scripted, the first season managed to catch the eye of the audience. Silu and Goldie, the winners, got married after the show ended. However, it was not rumored that they were husband and wife before coming to the show. In any case, the show seemed to succeed in its aim.

However, the level of the first season could not be maintained in the second. In the second season, everything is made very dramatic. None of the characters in it are dynamic and believable. An attempt has been made to make the audience laugh by making them tell old non-vegetarian jokes.

It seems that many have started commenting that this loose show should be closed. The production side is stunned after seeing the viral footage on Tiktok.