Bling Empire cast net worths: Fortune explored

Bling Empire cast

Bling Empire cast

People like a lot of different shows, and they show how much they like them. Today, most movies are released on OTT platforms, and series are popular with viewers. A world record is set by a lot of series. let’s talk about one more series.

Bling Empire cast net worths

Bling Empire is an American reality TV show that started on January 15, 2021, on Netflix. This show is about the rich East Asian and East Asian-American people who live in Los Angeles. The main actors in this series are Cherie Chan, Christine Chiu, Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Jamie Xie, Mimi Morris, Dorothy Wangari, and Anna Shay.

  • Cherie Chain’s net worth

She was already on her way to stardom. Chan is now going to marry jersey lee, and the two of them work together. Together, they are worth $200 million.

  • Christine Chiu’s net worth

She also has a husband. Gabriel Chieu was her husband. Gabriel is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Christine’s home is full of things that are very nice. It is worth $80 million in total.

  •  Kevin Kreider’s net worth

He is famous on reality TV. He is the celebrity that brands want to work with the most. Some people thought that he was worth $10 million, but he turned them down. His wealth is talked about.

  •  Kim Lee’s net worth

She is the most well-known, especially among boys. When she was a teenager, she began to model. She was in a lot of magazines. His net worth is between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000.

  •  Kane Lim’s net worth

His family is very wealthy. When he was young, he started his own business. His total assets are worth $20 million.

  •   Kelly Mi Li’s net worth

She worked for the company that sold life insurance. She has put money into a lot of businesses, including and MeUndies. She is one of the people in charge of making this show. He is worth $5 million, all told.

  • Jamie Xi’s net worth

He grew up with a lot of money, and her father is Ken Xie, who started Silicon Valley. Jamie has a lot of followers on social media. He is worth $50 million in total.

  • Mimi Morris’s net worth

His net worth is a lot, and he married the CEO of Morris Group International, Donald Morris. The individual’s net worth is $52 million, and the total is $800 million.

  • Dorothy Wang’s net worth

She is in a few reality TV shows with him, and his father used to be the CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. Dorothy has a total worth of $10 million.

Anna Shay’s net worth

Anna Shay comes from the most wealthy family. She buys the most expensive things with her money. She has a net worth of $600 million dollars.

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