Bob Peterson And Gene Thurnau Tragic Love Story And Murder Case Details

bob peterson and gene thurnau tragic love story and murder case details

In this article, you will learn about the murder-suicide case of Bob Peterson and Gene Thurnau. Find out more about their terrible love tale in the details below.

Bob Peterson, sometimes known as Robert Peterson, fell in love with Gene Thurnau the first time he saw him.

He kept it secret for years, though, and no one noticed the warning signs. In the form of investigation files, more information regarding what happened was recently released.

Furthermore, Peterson, 48, and the Thurnaus – Gene, 47, and his wife Juanita, 48 – had been casual acquaintances at the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport, where all three worked in air traffic control.

Juanita Thurnau noticed Peterson following her husband around, but assumed it was because he was lonely. However, between Bob Peterson and Gene Thurnau, something absolutely heinous occurred.

Gene Thurnau MurderGene Thurnau Murder

Gene Thurnau Murder

Bob Peterson And Gene Thurnau Murder Case

Investigators looked into Gene Thurnau’s past and learned that Bob knew Gene from his previous position, which bolstered the murder-suicide case.

According to reports, Bob’s attraction to Gene was so great that it bordered on sexual desire, and he had been stalking him for quite some time.

Furthermore, because to his partnership with Gene and his wife, Juanita, Bob was able to maintain a close check on the patient. He even took photos of the couple’s new home’s construction, which he later gave them as a photo book on November 1, 2006.

According to stories, Bob approached Gene about having oral sex when Juanita left the guys alone and threatened not to leave until Gene complied.

Bob allegedly snapped and severed Gene’s genitals before shooting him in the head after Gene rejected him. According to the authorities, Bob then drove Gene to the Safety Harbor residence before turning the pistol on himself and killing himself.

The Tragic Love Story of Bob Peterson and Gene Thurnau

When it comes to the terrible event, Gene Thurnau wasn’t the only one found in the Safety Harbor home; Bob Peterson’s body was discovered in the same room as Gene’s.

Bob died from a gunshot wound to the head caused by the same 22-caliber handgun, despite the fact that he appeared to be unharmed.

According to the episode, investigators concluded Bob murdered Gene before committing suicide since they had no proof of a forced entry and no other options. According to police, Peterson’s proclamation of love became confrontational.

Update on Gene Thurnau’s Wife and Family in 2022

Gene Thurnau had relocated to Florida after a tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife and was settling into his new life.

In fact, as an air force veteran, he worked as an air traffic controller at St. Pete/Clearwater Airport.

He even became close to a coworker named Juanita, and the two married after a few years. The couple’s future appeared to be bright, with a brand new home in Land O’Lakes, Florida.

After Gene and his wife had settled into their new house, a coworker, Bob Dean Peterson, invited himself over, claiming to have a gift for them, and the murder investigation began.

However, as of 2022, no information on Gene Thurnau’s wife and family is available on the internet.

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