Bobby Brown: Every Little Step Fans Are Loving Alicia Etheredge On The Show – Know More About The Television Producer

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Alicia Etheredge is a producer and entertainment manager. She got her start as a video model in Teddy Riley’s Rumpshaker video, which is where she started her career.

Etheredge is best known as the wife of American singer, songwriter, and dancer Bobby Brown. They met as friends and she managed him before they fell in love and got married in 2012.

Also, the couple has starred in Bobby Brown: Every Little Step with their children while going through the ups and downs of everyday life, such as Bobby’s tour with the group New Edition.

bobby brown

bobby brown

Bobby Brown: What Is Alicia Etheredge’s Ethnicity?

Bobby Brown, an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, is married to the beautiful Alicia. Even though the producer hasn’t said much about her background or race, it seems like she is of mixed race.

Etheredge was born to a loving mother, Mary Etheredge, who seems to be Irish, and a father, Henry Etheredge, who seems to be of African-American heritage. The manager has posted photos of her parents on her social media accounts.

She also has two brothers and sisters. Justin Etheredge is her brother, and Kim Etheredge is her sister. Kim is an entrepreneur who is part owner and co-creator of the Mixed Chicks LLC beauty product line. Justin is also a writer and director, and his movies Good, Battling Bobby, and Get Out of the Way are well-known examples of his work.

Age Gap Between Bobby Brown And Alicia Etheredge Explored

Bobby and Alicia seem to be almost 5 years apart in age, with Bobby being a singer and Alicia being a dancer. The musician was born in 1969, while the producer was born in 1973.

Brown is also 53 years old, and every year on February 5, he makes a toast to celebrate his birthday. Etheredge is also 48 years old and has her birthday on December 21. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius, which is represented by an archer.

Comparison Of Alicia Etheredge And Bobby Brown’s Net Worth?

Bobby’s net worth is definitely higher than Alicia’s. Bobby is a well-known singer and songwriter, while Alicia is a producer and entertainment manager.

Brown may have made around $5 million or more or less from his music, and Etheredge may make around $1 million or more or less from her job. But they might share their money and other assets.

The media doesn’t know how much money the powerful couple brings in. Still, we think they might have a few million dollars saved up that they earned through passion, hard work, and dedication to give their family a happy, healthy, wealthy, and comfortable life.

Also, find out if Steve-O had surgery to change his looks. The 48-year-old star shocked everyone when he said he wants surgery.

More Insight On Alicia Etheredge’s Family Members?

Alicia has made a home with the man she loves, Bobby Brown, and the two of them have had three beautiful children: a son and two daughters.

Brown asked her to marry him at the Funk Fest in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2010, and they got married on June 18, 2012, in Hawaii.

The couple had their first child, Cassius, in 2009. The 13-year-old boy celebrates his birthday every year on May 29 under the star sign Gemini, which is a pair of twins.

Their middle child, Bodhi, is 6 years old. She was born in 2015, and her birthday is July 9 every year. Also, Etheredge had the youngest one in 2016. Her name is Hendrix, and she is five years old. She will be six on July 22, 2022.

The manager often posts about her family and friends on Instagram under the name @aliciaetheredgebrown to keep her 60k followers up to date on her life.

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