Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London

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Amir Khan Robbery: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London: Nowadays, crimes happened at any period of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. Rich people also faced the crimes. Yes, you heard it correctly. Recently, news has been seen that a former boxing champion, Amir Khan was crossing the road with his wife. Suddenly, two robbers came to him, pointed guns at him, and demanding for his watch. Luckily, no one is harmed during this incident. He and his wife were safe. In this article, we gonna discuss how he was robbed and what did he do at that moment. Follow More Update On

Amir Khan Robbed

Amir Khan Robbed

Amir Khan Robbery

Amir Khan was a famous world champion in boxing when he was 22. He won the silver medal in Olympics at the age of 17. He was too young and still have a lot of time to do anything in his career. He was serious about his career when he was a child. He is surrounded by only quality people who tell the valuable lesson in his life. He doesn’t hang around with negative people or those who didn’t have any goals in their life.

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Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen

Amir and his wife were crossing the road. Her wife was two steps behind him. Her wife was looking at her phone and see some messages. Suddenly, two random guys reached out to the Amir pointed guns at him, and demanded to get the watch. Amir was very afraid at that time and he give his watch to the robbers. They did not loot the money from him, nor the expensive smartphones or anything else. They just need only one thing and that is his watch. Maybe his watch was worth more or maybe his watch was as expensive as his phone. Who knows what the exact reason is. The real truth of this robbery did not come out.

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Amir Khan Robbed Watch Worth?

His wife was two steps behind him. She called the cops and report every incident to the officers. Now, the officials have started the investigation and they are finding the robbers. It was not known what the intention of the robbers was. Did they come for his watch or do they want to give him a message? Who knows. What’s the truth. It will be only known when cops caught the robbers and interrogate them. As of now, we have limited information, but if something will came out, then we definitely inform you.

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