Bride Slaps Groom During Wedding Video Goes Viral On Instagram, YouTube, and, Twitter

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WATCH: Bride Slaps Groom During Wedding Video Goes Viral On Instagram, YouTube, and, Twitter: There is a video on social media that has been going viral like a wildfire right now. Yes, we are talking about the crazy video that is from Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur. The viral video shows a bride who slapped the groom during the Varmala ceremony and walked away. The video is currently going viral on several social media platforms and receiving huge attention from people this time. The video has been created a buzz on the internet and getting viral crazily. Many people have been searching to know the whole incident and more about the bride and groom. In this article, we are going to share some essential detail about the incident. Follow More Update On

Bride Slaps Groom During Wedding Video

Bride Slaps Groom During Wedding Video

Bride Slaps Groom During Wedding Video

According to the exclusive reports, the viral video from Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur has been circulating on the internet in which a bride slapped the groom in the course of the Varmala ceremony after which she walked away from the stage. The Baraat departure at Hamirpur from Chamari village of Jalaun district. The groom was identified as Ravikanth. However, the exact reason for the bride slapping the groom is not known yet, some people who are close to the family stated that the groom arrived at the wedding venue getting drunk, which made the bride angry.

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Bride Slaps Groom Viral Video Explained

The viral video shows the bride who suddenly slapped the groom during the Varmala ceremony, that too, several times. While the Baraat members were welcomed to the wedding by the bride’s family with great pomp and joy, this unpleasant incident stalled the wedding festivities. The video that has surfaced on social media is from Hamirpur’s Swasa village. The video also shows the guests who were left stunned at the wedding after the incident where the bride slapped the groom and walked off the stage.

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Although, the wedding later happened after the two parties reached an agreement. The Vidaai ceremony of the bride also took place after the wedding. This video was really a crazy one that was watched by many. Still, people have been sharing it with their friends and on other social media platforms. This incident proves that a woman can do anything when it comes to her personality. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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