Bride’s bicycle ride to get the bride – Online Khabar

Bride's bicycle ride to get the bride - Online Khabar

7 Mansir, Tanahun. Lately, the practice of getting married spontaneously has been on the rise. When going to a wedding, someone carries an expensive car with a buggy and decorations.

But on Thursday, Tanahu’s Vyas municipality ward no. A different scene was seen in 10 Vareni. Binod Sapkota, 26, of Vareni set out on a bicycle to pick up his bride. The bride’s house is in Damauli, 6 km away from Vareni.

After seeing the beautified bride on a bicycle, there were many people watching Ramita on the way, some even stopped and took selfies. Along with the bridegroom, six others were also on bicycles. In other public buses.

The parents of the bride were shocked to see that the bridegroom came on a bicycle to pick up the bride. Although the parents of the bride were surprised for a while, they were happy to see the frugality and simplicity of their son-in-law. The bride’s father Purna Bahadur Bhujel said, “It looks strange, but it gives a lot of message. We applauded and welcomed, everyone needs to learn something. ‘

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Sapkota had earlier cycled from Ilam to Rara in Mugu. He made the trip during the Nepal Cycle Festival and calls himself a bicycle lover.

“I am a bicycle lover. There is no need to spend fuel for health. Always riding a bicycle I liked to ride a bicycle even when I was a bridegroom. Who was able to give some message to others. ‘

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