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9 Asar, Chitwan. The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation is going to bring a budget of Rs. 6 billion for the fiscal year 2079/80. The Municipal Council is being held on Friday the 10th of this month.

The budget for the current Fiscal Year was Rs. 4.85 billion. More than a billion budget is to be added for next year. According to Jagannath Aryal, chief accountant of the corporation, the budget is being finalized.

He said, “We are bringing a budget of around Rs 6 billion.” The pre-budget corporation had discussions and suggestions with the federal, state ministers, secretaries and director generals. Former Prime Minister, Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission and other prominent officials were also present at the discussion.

Metropolitan Chief Renu Dahal said that the budget has emphasized on production, employment, agriculture, education, health and other sectors. He informed that the corporation, which has been emphasizing on roads under physical infrastructure for the last five years, is going to give more emphasis on sewerage under physical infrastructure in the coming budget.

Plans have been put forward to beautify the metropolitan area. Maintenance of Khaldakhuldi road is being given priority. In the budget, education has been linked with skill, skill with production and production has been linked with the market.

The metropolis has a plan to empower all the toll reform committees within the metropolis by formulating procedures for toll security, population records, street greening, street lights, garbage collection and toll improvement of Rs. One lakh and various maintenance programs.

Deputy Chief Chitrasen Adhikari said that the toll reform committees are being mobilized to bring them under the tax net by increasing tax revenue and tax awareness programs to increase the internal revenue.

Cooperatives are being linked with production and market. The official said that the target of internal revenue for the current fiscal year is Rs. 1.25 billion and the target for next fiscal year is Rs.

The official informed that the ceiling of the budget has been increased as the conditional budget of the federation and the states has also been increased. Rambandhu Subedi, chief administrative officer of the corporation, informed that the budget formulation has reached the final stage after extensive discussions with the regional experts in addition to the top political and administrative personalities of the federation and the states.

At the initiative of the metropolis, budgets have been allocated for various projects from the federation and the states. Large projects such as construction of Narayani river embankment, construction of city hall, construction of Pulchowk-Gondrang six lane road and construction of roundabout are underway. The construction of the administrative building of the metropolis is about to start.

The federal and state governments have already allocated budget for the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium. A teacher’s hospital is being built in the metropolis. Homework has been started for the expansion of Bharatpur Airport and preparations are being made to blacklist Meghauli Airport.

Plans have been put forward to build signature bridges on Narayani river and various bridges connecting West Chitwan and Nawalparasi. Even though the internal budget of the metropolis is less, a large amount of money from the federation and the states has been spent on the projects here. Due to this, the corporation has made a leap in development in a short time.

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