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BTS Members siblings, It’s finally time to meet your potential in-law sisters and brothers. Have you ever wondered what the siblings of BTS, Korea’s most popular boy band, look like? Will they have the same perfect DNA as BTS members?

Some of you may already be familiar with their siblings’ appearances, but did you realize that some of them are also quite successful?

BTS Members siblings

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1. Jin’s Older Brother – Kim Seok Jung

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Jin is the eldest child in his family, and he has an elder brother who looks a lot like him. Their infant photographs show that they are definitely twins!

Jin also stated that, aside from his parents, it was his brother who encouraged him to pursue his ambition of becoming a singer. Jin also recalls that when they were little, he and his Hyung used to fight all the time.

Aww…this is how they express their love and concern for one another.

Despite the lack of information about Seok Jung, we can be certain that he is the one who has always loved and supported him.

We can see Seok Jung’s face in the video below, where he is shown supporting Jin at a concert. Obviously, he’s equally as attractive as his ‘world-renowned’ gorgeous brother.

2. RM’s Sister – Kim Kyung Min

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RM is well-known for his swaggy looks and rapping prowess, but did you know he has a younger sister? He doesn’t say much about his younger sister, presumably to keep her safe from the entertainment world and gossip.

Only one picture of Kyung Min, who is also a 97-liner like Jungkook, has ever been posted by RM.

3. JHOPE’s Older Sister – Jung Ji Wo

Jung Ho Seok, commonly known as Jhope, has a beautiful older sister named Jung Ji Wo. She is four years his senior, and they are extremely close.

Jhope’s sister is absolutely stunning, proving that good DNA runs in the family! She even has her own online clothing store where she sells all of the latest fashion trends.


In fact, Jhope has been spotted in several of the same outfits.

Fans interested in purchasing your future sister-in-clothing laws can visit her personal Instagram account or her store’s official website.


4. Suga’s Older Brother – Min Jun Ki


Suga is the family’s youngest member, with one older brother. His brother’s name is Min Jun Ki, although nothing is known about him because Suga rarely discusses him in public.

Furthermore, Jun Ki’s face is only seen in one public photograph. Suga stated in BTS 3RD Muster ARMY ZIP + DVD disc 1 that he and his brother do not have long conversations.

5. Jimin’s Younger Brother – Park Ji Hyun


Park Ji Hyun, Jimin’s younger brother, is his only sibling. They are quite close, and anytime Jimin has free time, he will return to his village to see his younger brother.

When Jimin returned to Busan, they even went to the beach together. Jimin may be seen strolling the beach with his brother in the video below.

At 1:37, he mentions his sibling, and his brother’s hand can be seen clearly at 5:31. At 6:06, Ji Hyun’s entire body is seen. There isn’t a single shot of Ji Hyun’s face.

6. V’s Younger Sister and Brother – Kim Eun Jun and Kim Jeon Gyu


V is the oldest of his siblings, and his real name is Kim Tae Hyung. Kim Jeon Gyu, his younger brother, and Kim Eun Jun, his younger sister, are his siblings. There isn’t much information about his siblings because he never talked about them openly.

He did, however, cry once in a V Live video when talking about his younger brother. He expressed his longing for his family.

Many fans are interested in seeing how V’s younger siblings appear, given his amazing looks.

7. Jungkook’s Older Brother – Jeon Jung Hyun


Jeon Jung Kook, BTS’ golden maknae, has an elder brother who is just as attractive as him.

Jeon Jung Hyun, his older brother, is currently enrolled in a military academy. They are quite close since his brother frequently posts doodles of BTS members on his own Instagram account.

Despite the fact that there are few images of Jung Kook’s younger brother, we can assume that Jung Hyun is also a very attractive young man.

Fans can see all of the sketches on his personal Instagram account.

All of BTS’s siblings appear to be incredibly gorgeous. We can only deduce that BTS members’ families are likely to have good genes and DNA.