Businessman Dies In An Accident

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Obert Karombe, a businessman, was killed in a car accident. Accidents have been the leading cause of death this year. We are reading the passing news of many renowned people one after another, and the majority of the time their death news is related to accident news. Obert is the latest name to be added to this list. Obert Karome, a Mutare-based socialite, was killed in a car accident, according to many reports. Along Beatrice Road, the socialite was involved in a tragic car accident. The details surrounding the tragedy are still hazy, while rumors reaching the media sites imply he recently married.

Obert KarombeObert Karombe

Obert Karombe

Obert Karombe Death Cause & Obituary: Businessman Dies In An Accident

Obert Karombe was a successful businessman from Mutare who was known as a “mbinga.” According to the latest information, the Socialite who died in a horrible vehicle accident over the weekend was accompanied by a lady. According to reports reaching media sources, the woman dubbed a “slay queen” survived the accident and is currently in the hospital. While lying in her hospital bed, the lady, @mamagirl_ aley, went live and described the awful incident.

Obert Karombe, who was he?

They were in Beatrice on their way back to Harare for her to catch the flight so she could prepare for her upcoming birthday, according to the lady. According to unsubstantiated social media claims, the late Karombe was not at fault; rather, an army truck lost control and deflected into his lane, triggering the collision.

Obert Karombe’s Death by Accident in a Video

The late socialite recently married model Kumbirai Bosha, but some stories claim he was still married to his first wife. The late socialite Mitchell Amuli, also known as Moana, has been trending on social media sites as a result of the new information. Moana died in November 2020, along with socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadugure and two other friends. They were on their way to Dreams Nightclub to celebrate Moana’s birthday.

Obert Karombe’s Biography and Wife

According to eyewitnesses, Ginimbi, who was driving the automobile, collided head-on with a Honda Fit, which witnessed him being flung out of the vehicle before it collided with a tree and burst into flames. His three companions, who were trapped in the car, were completely charred. Messages of condolences began pouring in as soon as the news broke, as many mourned his early death. May God comfort the soul of the one who has passed away.

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