EC is holding by-elections in Bagmati starting 9 am today

bagmati elections

Today’s National Assembly (NA) elections are held in Bagmati Pradesh by the Nepalese Election Committee (EC).

In Bagmati-Pradesh, three candidates compete with 348 – 110 members of the Provincial Assembly and 238 heads of 119 local district units in 13 districts. Three candidates contest by-elections.

In Bagmati Pradesh, the Home Affairs Minister, Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal, from the ruling CPN-UML, Dr Khim Lal Devkota of the Nepali Congress, the CPN and the JSP and the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWP) Krishna Bahadur Tamang are competing.

Voting for a vacant NA member in Bagmati Pradesh will begin today in Hetauda Municipality at Bhutandevi Secondary School from 09 am – 15 pm.

As symbols of election, Badal, Devkota and Tamang received both Sun, Pen and Madal.

There are three polling places for people’s representatives to cast their votes, said Raj Kumar Shrestha, EC spokesman. Legislators from the Provincial Assembly will vote for those infected with COVID-19 in Booth ‘A,’ local unit representatives at Booth “B” and booth “C,” etc.

All preparations for the free and fair conduct of elections, including peace, security and health protocols, were in place. The EC urge everyone concerned to turn today to the polling station to vote for the first by-elections (FPTP) of the NA

Devkota, who resigned in 2076 B.S. as the vice-president of the Bagmati Pradesh Politics and Planning Commission has a Ph.D. in economics and tax federalism.

Similarly, the ruling UML’s Ram Bahadur Thapa is the current Home Minister. The post of NA member was left vacant after the Maoist Center relieved Thapa of his position as a NA lawmaker after he joined the UML.

According to the EC of Bagmati Pradesh, one provincial assembly member is equivalent to 48 votes for NA elections, and a chief or deputy chief of the local units is equivalent to 18 votes.

The EC reports that there are 5,280 votes cast by 110 Provincial Assembly members and 4,284 votes cast by 238 chiefs and deputy chiefs of local units. As a result, the total number of votes cast will be 9,564.

34 Provincial Assembly members loyal to Prime Minister KP Oli’s CPN-UML faction have 1,632 votes. The Nepal-Khanal faction has 23 Provincial Assembly members with 1,104 votes. Similarly, 23 Maoist Center Provincial Assembly members have 1,104 votes, while 22 NC Provincial Assembly members have 1,056 votes. Similarly, there are eight Provincial Assembly members in Bagmati Pradesh, including two from the NWPP.

The UML’s Oli faction claims 133 chiefs and deputy chiefs at the local level. If they all vote for Thapa, there will be a total of 2,394 votes cast. The Nepal-Khanal faction, on the other hand, claims to have the support of 40% of chiefs and deputy chiefs.