#BycottQatarAirways trends on Twitter after netizens witness Qatar’s double standards against alleged blasphemy.

Yesterday (5 June 2022), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar summoned Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, both of whom are spokespersons for the BJP. Qatar is upset by the alleged blasphemy of the Prophet Muhammad by a spokesperson for the BJP. Later, the Qatari government issued a statement applauding the BJP’s decision to distance itself from the controversial remarks and suspend its leader. However, they also wanted an official apology from the Indian government. “The State of Qatar expects a public apology and immediate condemnation of these remarks from the Government of India,” the statement said. “Allowing such Islamophobic remarks to continue unpunished poses a grave threat to the protection of human rights and may lead to further prejudice and marginalization, creating a vicious cycle of violence and hatred.” As a result, the hashtag #BoycottQatarAirlines began to trend.

In the meantime, Qatar’s stance on blasphemy reminded internet users of Qatar’s double standards. Infamously, MF Hussain became the most controversial painter in India for depicting numerous Hindu goddesses in their nudities. Since then, numerous lawsuits have been launched against the painter. MF Hussain, unwilling to face these charges, went to Qatar. And in 2010, Qatar granted MF Hussain citizenship. Now, irate Internet users are demanding justice, and the hashtag #BoycottQatarAirlines has begun to trend.

Netizens respond to Qatar’s double standard over alleged blasphemy and the #BoycottQatarAirways hashtag movement.