CAN Financial Rules Passed: Match Fees to Players

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The Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) has decided to provide match fees as well as financial assistance to the players of international and national tournaments through the Financial Procedures and Rules 2077 BS.  

According to the Economic Procedure and Rules 2077 presented by the Economic Committee under the convener ship of CAN Treasurer Roshan Singh, the players playing in international and national competitions will get a match fee. For the first time, CAN led by Chatur Bahadur Chand has decided to provide financial support to the provincial structure and districts. As per the rules, the male players of the national team will get Rs 10,000 and the female players will get Rs 5,000.  

In the Twenty20 International, male players will get Rs 5,000, and female players will get Rs 3,000. Under the domestic competition, the male players will get Rs 2,500 in ODIs, Rs 2,000 for women, and Rs 2,000 for men, and women will get Rs 1,500 daily allowance. CAN made the decision by passing the Financial Procedure and Rules 2077 on Tuesday. The CAN board meeting held on Tuesday passed the proposed rules submitted by the committee comprising treasurer Singh, member Durgaraj Pathak, and Madhav Karmacharya.  

The rules also cover up to Rs 1 million for players playing in international competitions and up to Rs 500,000 for players playing in national competitions. CAN believes that this regulation has a special address for the players, coaches and officials who come from different districts to play in the tournament. Treasurer Singh said that the new procedure will make the financial transactions in CAN transparent. As the old financial regulations did not hold any hearing for the district associations, players and coaches, there was a need for new regulations. 

Accordingly, since the new working committee came, the issue of modifying it was raised and it was worked on. Some aspects that have not been covered before have been included in the financial procedures and regulations. CAN treasurer Singh said that the new procedure was pleasant for the players. “It simply came to our notice then. Also, when it came to playing competitions for district associations, players, and coaches, they had to suffer. The regulations have worked to solve that problem, ‘Singh said.’ We have also addressed the overall provincial structure well. ‘ The district will get Rs. 100,000 annually and the state will get Rs. 300000.

He said that the Financial Rules 2077 has ensured the rights, allowances, and service facilities to be given to the umpires, officials, CAN officials, ground staff, district, and state players from the grass root. For the first time in CAN’s long history, financial regulations have been issued. Financial regulations will make it easier for CAN to do its daily work. CAN have also decided to pay a match fee of Rs 5,000 for both the men’s and women’s teams in the International ODI and Twenty20 Internationals last year. The match fee for the national age-group competition is Rs 1,000. 

Apart from food, accommodation, and transportation expenses, Singh said that he will get a match fee. The national team participating in the international competition, male and female players of different age groups, officials, coaches, and cricketers will also get a daily allowance of 50 US dollars. Which will apply until two days before the start of the game and one day after the end of the game.