Chairman’s son breaks village vehicle, apologizes on condition of repair

July 9, Biratnagar. Jyoti, son of Jay Prakash Gachchhadar, chairman of the village municipality of Morang, has vandalized a government vehicle due to his father’s anger.

Babu Jayaprakash, elected from the Nepali Congress, also sided with the UML in the division of responsibilities of the village municipality.

He was pardoned after holding an all-party discussion in the municipality on Wednesday. Palika Chairman Gachchhadar informed that the pardon was granted on the condition of repairing the vehicle.

Jyoti is the only son of village chairman Jay Prakash. A meeting of the village executive committee was held on Tuesday to discuss the budget formulation of the village municipality. From the meeting, Jayaprakash also gave various responsibilities to the elected representatives from UML.

According to the people’s representatives, Jyoti, who was angry after giving the responsibility to UML, broke the lead of the government vehicle used by his father.

“Once a mistake has been made, it has been agreed not to proceed with the proceedings,” said a people’s representative who attended the meeting.

Gachchhadar, chairman of the corporation, said that he agreed to repair the vehicle after his son apologized. He further added that action would be taken against the culprits. “Once the apology is done, the apology is given on paper,” he said.

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