Chaudhary Foundation handed an 18-bed ICU ward to Bir Hospital

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The Chaudhary Foundation has established an ICU ward at the country’s oldest Bir Hospital and handed it over to the hospital management. 

The foundation has set up an ICU ward at Bir Hospital to contribute to the treatment of ordinary Nepali citizens infected with the second wave of COVID-19.

Nirvana Chaudhary, Vice President of Chaudhary Foundation, handed over the ICU ward to Prof. Dr. Jageshwar Gautam, Executive Chief of Covid Unified Central Hospital (Bir Hospital) during a brief program organized at Bir Hospital. 

A total of 18 ICU wards have been constructed with nine beds on the first floor and nine beds on the second floor of the new building of Bir Hospital.

Chaudhary Foundation

 The ICU ward has been constructed using the latest technology available in the world market. The hospital is currently treating patients with covid infections on these floors.

Chairman of the Chaudhary Foundation, Binod Chaudhary, said that an ICU ward has been set up at Bir Hospital, which has easy access to treatment for ordinary Nepali citizens, and is dedicated to the service of Nepalis.

“Our most important responsibility right now is to save the lives of Nepali citizens infected with corona,” he said. “For this, we have realized the responsibility of making the hospital accessible to all Nepalis.”

He said that it was necessary to expand the services and access of public hospitals like Bir Hospital. 

Vice-Chancellor of National Institute of Medical Sciences (NAMS) Pvt. Dr. Dev Narayan Shah said that the Chaudhary Foundation has played an excellent role in social service by contributing to the construction of an 18-bed ICU ward at Bir Hospital during the sensitive time of the Kovid epidemic. 

He said that this ICU ward is believed to be a boon in saving the lives of ordinary Nepalis who are in critical condition due to Corona. ‘It was not possible to build an ICU in such a short time with money in hand, but it was possible only because of the competent management of the Chaudhary Foundation’, Pvt. Dr. Shah said.    

Chief Executive Officer of Covid Unified Central Hospital (Bir Hospital) P.D. Jageshwar Gautam thanked the Chaudhary Foundation for its contribution in combating the Corona epidemic and said that it would be of great help in the treatment of ordinary Nepalis. 

An oxygen plant is also being constructed at the hospital. An oxygen plant is being set up with the coordination of the Chaudhary Foundation and the financial support of Nabil Bank. The target is to hand over the oxygen plant in the next few days. 

The Chaudhary Foundation last year launched Corona’s first wave of ventilators, PCRs, PPEs, and health supplies from Reagan to hospitals across the country.