Champions League

Chelsea and Juventus great start in the Champions League

15 September 2021 09:17 AM | UPDATED 3 months ago

15 September 2021 09:17 AM

English club Chelsea and Italian club Juventus have made a winning start in the UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea beat Russian club Zenith St. Petersburg 1-0 in a Group H match on Tuesday night.

Similarly, Juventus defeated Swedish club Malmo 3-0.

Chelsea and Juventus

Romelu Lukaku scored a goal to give Chelsea the win at home to Stanford Bridge. He scored in the 69th minute through a pass from César Azpilicueta.

In Juventus’ victory, Alex Sandro scored 23rd, Paulo Dybala scored 45th and Alvaro Morata scored in the injury time of the first half.

After the victory, both the teams have added 3-3 points.

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