Chetana Raj Obituary & Death Cause: Kannada Actress Dead At 21, Family, & Funeral News

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The entertainment industry is grieving the death of another another well-known actress who wreaked havoc on her fans with her amazing acting abilities. Many well-known and talented actors and singers are leaving this world one by one, leaving their fans, family, and loved ones devastated. Following the death of a Nollywood star, the Kannada entertainment industry is mourning the loss of Chethana Raj, a great actress. Since her death was announced on the internet, people from all over the world have expressed their condolences and tributes. Her followers are shocked and can’t believe the news because she was so young and had only recently started her acting career.

Chetana Raj

Chetana Raj

Chetana Raj’s Death Cause

Her supporters are hoping that the report is incorrect, but the truth cannot be changed. The cause of her untimely death is currently unknown to the public. According to multiple sources, the Kannada television star died in a private hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. On Monday, May 16th, 2022, the actress was admitted for “fat-free” plastic surgery. According to this account, the actress began to experience issues as fluid began to accumulate in her lungs. She then took her final breath despite the physicians’ best efforts to save her life.

Wikipedia and Biography of Chetana Raj

And she bereftly abandons her family, friends, and loved ones. Following her untimely death, the late actress’s family accused doctors of negligence and filed a police complaint against the hospital and doctors. Chethana Raj, a small-screen actress, was well-known for her parts in serials such as Doresani and Geetha. The actress decided to have “fat-free” plastic surgery on May 16, 2022, and she was admitted to Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Unfortunately, the procedure did not turn out as planned.

Funeral and Obituary for Chetana Raj

The actress was taken to Kaade hospital about 05:30 P by anaesthetist Melvin and the medical professionals who did the plastic surgery. Melvin threatened the physicians to treat her as if she had suffered a heart attack. The actress was given CPR by doctors at a private hospital, but despite their efforts lasting nearly 45 minutes, she was unable to be saved and died. Her relatives filed a police report after blaming the hospital for her death.

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