Chief Justice JB Rana appointed a bench for himself

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There are further differences between Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana and other judges of the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice JB Rana on Tuesday broke an unannounced agreement not to hear any case other than a habeas corpus petition and not to set a bench for himself.

Except for the habeas corpus petition, all the cases have been included in the PAC list published on Tuesday. Chief Justice JB Rana has even appointed a single bench for himself. He has scheduled nine other sessions, including his own. His move has raised the possibility of other judges being further dissatisfied, a Supreme Court source said. The source said, “Now the atmosphere for dialogue between the two sides seems to be deteriorating.”

The Nepal Bar Association had made the decision public only on Monday night and warned Chief Justice JB Rana not to hold a session. This is sure to make the agitating legal practitioners even more aggressive.

According to a high-level source in the Supreme Court, there is no possibility of any other bench sitting after Chief Justice Rana has fixed the bench. The source said, “If possible, one or two sessions can be held. That possibility is very low.