Chief Justice should resign: Rajendra Mahato

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Leader of the Democratic Socialist Party (LOSPA) Rajendra Mahato has said that Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra should resign from the post.

Stating that the Chief Justice was the reason for the people not getting justice, Rajendra Mahato said that Jabra should give an immediate exit.

At a press conference held in Birgunj today, Mahato said, “Nepali people are not getting justice, the court is not running. All legal practitioners, including court judges, are in the movement. The country is running in the setting. The Chief Justice should take charge of that. ‘

Saying that failure of the court means failure of the country, Mahato said, “I will not allow this situation to come. It should be stopped immediately. He (the Chief Justice) should immediately give a way out to save the dignity of the institution like the court.

“The chief justice himself is to blame because he can’t decide on the setting after sitting in the chair,” said Rajendra Mahato.

Stating that the Congress, UML, and UCPN (M) are running the country with single ethnic thinking and thinking, he said that such problems will continue until the constitution and the constitution are implemented as a multinational state.

‘This country is a multi-national state. Accordingly, the constitution was not drafted and the government was not run. The root is here, ‘said Mahato,’ so the solution is to make this regime and constitution for the entire Nepali people. It should be run from the thoughts and thinking of a multi-national state. ‘