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CHIIRP uses text messaging and automation to help businesses communicate more successfully. Increase the number of leads you capture, the speed at which you connect with them, and the number of sales you close. One-on-one messaging Drip marketing campaigns

Sitechat message broadcast Integrations Tags Zapier Links that can be tracked builder of surveys constructor of pipelines Ringless Voicemail Automated email Reminders for appointments Messages that are sent on a regular basis Lead ad automation on Facebook Forms Fields that can be customized Landing pages for mobile devices With CHIIRP, you can communicate more effectively and close more deals.

What is Chiirp?


Do you spend a lot of time trying to send the appropriate message to the right people? Do you wish you could reach out to potential customers and get them to interact with your content? Do you use email marketing but wish you could get a higher open rate?

Would you be prepared to give text message marketing a try if I told you it could bring you 98 percent open rates?

What Are the Benefits of Text Message Marketing?

Texting allows you to stay in touch with your leads and get right to the point. No more chasing leads and calling them again. Connect, communicate, and close the loop. Text messaging is more efficient, faster, and easier. You can handle more leads and nurture them more successfully using CHIIRP. It is capable of texting.

Text Message Funnels that are Automated

Email drip campaigns are being replaced by automated text messaging funnels. Text messaging reigns supreme, with a 97 percent open rate. You can quickly create text message drip campaigns with CHIIRP that surpass email campaigns ALL. DAY. LONG. To discover how simple it is to build up a text message drip campaign, watch this little video.

Text Messaging on a One-to-One Basis

Automation is fantastic when it comes to one-on-one text messaging. But it’s also critical that you have the capacity to communicate with your leads on a one-on-one basis, just like you would with a cell phone. Our easy-to-use messaging platform will allow you to engage with your leads, nurture them, and bring them to the point of sale much more quickly than email or other methods.

Messaging by Broadcast

Have a message you need to get out to a large number of people right now? In just a few minutes, send a broadcast message to all or part of your mailing list. Simply choose the contacts you’d like to send a message to, compose your message, and leave the rest to CHIIRP.

Conversations with Keywords

With keyword discussions, you can collect more leads in less time. People prefer to text rather than call. To receive precise information, have them text in a keyword. Watch it in action to see how simple it is to put up and how efficient it is.

Text Messages on Demand

Set your follow-up to run in the background. No more setting follow-up reminders in your calendar. Create your message now, choose a date and time for it to be sent, and then forget about it. CHIIRP will ensure that your communication arrives on time.

Ringless Voicemail

Humanize yourself by sending a voicemail straight to your lead’s voicemail inbox.

How can I tell whether it’s working?

You can send out information and track who clicks with trackable links. Depending on their behavior, assign leads to different funnels. As your leads click on your links, send them efficient follow-up communications.

I’ve quadrupled the number of discussions my sales team has with a 97 percent open rate. We connect more quickly and have more meaningful conversations, resulting in a far greater conversion rate than when we were emailing and calling!

Does Chiirp have the ability to automate?

Yes! Text message drip programs are a fantastic way to nurture your leads. To connect with a lead, it usually takes multiple touches. Text messaging, with a 97 percent read rate, may do in days what email might take weeks or months to accomplish.

How can I have a taste of Chiirp?

Chiirp offers a 14-day free trial and free training to help you utilize the program and make the most of it.

Here’s a link to a list of free CHIIRP courses where you can discover how this software can transform how you acquire leads and nurture potential clients.

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