China accuses NATO of trying to discredit its image

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China has accused NATO of trying to tarnish its image. 

A meeting of NATO leaders in Brussels, Belgium, said China was a threat to the world. NATO leaders called China a “systemic challenge.”

NATO has said that all actions, including the development of China’s nuclear arsenal, pose a threat to international law. For the first time, NATO has put China at the center of its agenda.

China has said its security policy is “defensive in nature.” He also called on NATO to spend its energy on advancing talks.

China’s mission to the European Union has said in a statement that “enhancing our defense and military modernization is fair, open and transparent.” In a statement, NATO said China‘s development should be viewed rationally. “China’s legitimate interests and rights should not be used as an excuse to manipulate factional politics, create conflict and promote geopolitical competition,” the statement said.


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