Chris Paul’s Mom Dallas Mavericks Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit

chris pauls mom dallas mavericks video goes viral on twitter and reddit

WATCH: Chris Paul’s Mom Dallas Mavericks Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit: Game 4 of the NBA playoffs between Suns and Mavericks was no less than a hot potato as the star player of Suns named Chris Paul was involved in an argument with a fan. However, a video also has come out of the same incident in which the Suns player is yelling at a fan who is standing in the stands. Since fans have witnessed the match in which the Suns tasted a defeat against Mavericks in the playoffs of the NBA they have become eager to watch and learn about the matter. However, we have covered this story comprehensibly so that people can take an insight into the matter and can learn why Chris Paul shouted at a fan. You are advised to follow the article till the last word and follow every section of this article. So start scrolling the web page and take a look at the given below sections. Follow More Update On

Chris Paul's Mom Dallas Video

Chris Paul's Mom Dallas Video

Chris Paul’s Mom Dallas Mavericks Video

In the video, a man can be seen wearing a green Luka Doncic jersey and arguing with Chris Paul and spectators near the area. According to the reports, we have got to know that the fan who was arguing with Chris Paul also got physical with Chris’s family while Chirs was playing against Mavericks. The unidentified fan was in the stands of American Airlines in Dallas during the match.

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Mavs Fan Touching Chris Paul’s Mom LEAKED Footage Video

Things went wrong when Chris Paul heard about the incident from his dad. Chris’s dad was also at the game and his father informed him about the physical argument of a man with his mother. The Arizona Republic reported that the alleged man put his hand on Chris’s mom in the fourth quarter of the game. After knowing about this physical interaction Chris Paul went out of his temper and lost control, he went nearly into the spectators but the alleged fan was escorted out of the stands.

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Dallas Mavericks Fan HARASSING Chris Paul’s Mom Leaked Footage 

Chris Paul yelled, “I will see you outside, I will see you later”. he yelled at him when he walks out of the arena. Meanwhile, The Dallas Mavericks released a statement following this incident. The statement reads, “it was unacceptable and it will not be tolerated at any cost.” The authority swiftly escorted the man from the game. However, Chris Paul got fouled out of the game as he picked up 4 fouls in the 1st half of the game. Stay tuned with us for more information and updates.

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