Clash in Chandrapur of Rautahat

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A clash has taken place between two groups in Chandrapur of Rautahat last night. 

Ten people have been injured in the clash. Some houses and eight motorcycles have caught fire.

A 70-year-old local Jagarnath Chaudhary died of a heart attack after his relative’s house was vandalized during the clash, according to police.

Binek Chaudhary, Akash Chaudhary, Muthun Kumar Chaudhary, Bachchu Chaudhary, and others were injured in the clash. He is undergoing treatment at Chandranigahapur-based hospital, said DSP Lila Raj Koirala of Chandranigahapur Area Police Office.

According to Koirala, the clash took place at Chandrapur Municipality Ward No. 8 Bastipur at around 10 last night due to an old land dispute.

The houses of Jagannarayan Chaudhary, Shri Ram Chaudhary, and Laxmi Chaudhary have been vandalized in the incident. Eight motorcycles have also been set on fire.

A team of Armed Police Force and Nepal Police has been deployed at the spot since last night.