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Colonel Chandra Prakash Chapagain in custody for breach of discipline and mis-conduct

09 July 2021 11:43 AM | UPDATED 5 months ago

09 July 2021 11:43 AM

Colonel Chandra Prakash Chapagain of the Nepal Army has been arrested by the Army Police for violating discipline and mis-conduct.

According to the Nepal Army’s Directorate of Public Relations and Information, Colonel Chapagain is currently being held in the custody of the military police at Jangi Adda and is being investigated.

According to Nepal Army Assistant Santosh Ballabh Poudel, Colonel Chapagain is being investigated for a breach of discipline and mis-conduct.

Colonel Chapagain is accused of committing irregularities while in the peacekeeping force. 

He is accused of committing irregularities by the Singh Dal while on a mission in Lebanon.

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