Congress office-bearers meeting to discuss active membership dispute today

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A meeting of Nepali Congress officials is being held to discuss the dispute over the criteria of active membership.

Members of the active membership scrutiny committee have also been called for a meeting to be held at the party office, Sanepa, at 2 pm. 

A leader informed that the committee was preparing to hand over the dispute to the office bearers as it could not resolve the dispute.

According to the revised schedule of the 14th General Convention scheduled for next August, the Congress will have to end its active membership by mid-July. 

Congress has a legal requirement to terminate active membership before starting the selection process from the local to the central leadership of the party.

But there is controversy over membership criteria for those who have joined the Congress from other parties. Yogendra Chaudhary, a member of the Active Membership Investigation Committee, said, “There is a problem with how to determine the criteria for those from other parties.

 If the officials fix the criteria, we can complete the work within the time limit given by them.

 Otherwise, it will be difficult for us. ‘

Vijay Kumar Gachchhadar, who united the party from the Congress, got 25,000 and Sunil Thapa, who joined the Congress from the RPP, got 10,000 active members. 

However, questioning the details of some of the cadres, one of the leaders said that the district party leaders were refusing to enter. Similarly, there is a dispute over active membership in Dadeldhura, the home district of Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba.