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9 Asar, Dharan. The executive meeting of Dharan Sub-metropolis has also been postponed on Thursday.

The meeting was adjourned after the executive members created controversy while discussing the Appropriation Bill.

The second executive meeting of the newly elected people’s representatives was postponed in Dharan sub-metropolitan city saying that slogans had been chanted against the ward chairpersons before.

Appropriation bill will not be introduced in the Municipal Assembly

Dharan Mayor Hark Sampang Rai has said on social media that the budget and appropriation bill will not be presented in the Municipal Council on Friday after the executive meeting is postponed. Mayor Sampang, who wrote two statuses saying that the executive meeting was divided, said, “Today’s executive meeting could not be held. There was an obligation to form a municipal council without budget and appropriation bill. In any case, I will not stop saying Jai Dharan. ‘

In an interview with online news, he said that the meeting was postponed because everyone knew a lot. “Friends will know, I will know too. After everyone knows, it is the same,” he said. He also claimed that the meeting was not postponed due to his reasons.

According to a post on social media, six of his agendas could not be discussed after the meeting broke up.

Asking about the branch of the Department of Transportation in Dharan, students going to school in ethnic dress on Friday, setting up a branch of the National Innovation Center in Dharan, distributing social security allowances from ward level, opening / running a government account for donors who want to help and Sardu reservoir. He said that his agenda was to settle the issue.

Aindra Bikram Begha, deputy mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan, said that the mayor’s statement on social media was correct and that his opinion would be made public only on Friday.

“The mayor has also written the status. I have also written. Understand now. The rest will be said only tomorrow evening ‘, Begha told online news.

There is only one agenda: Spokesperson

Spokesperson of Dharan Sub-metropolis Surya Bahadur Bhattarai (Manoj) said that only one of the agenda items could not be discussed.

He said that the issue of revenue has been discussed with the executive members and the remaining agenda has been discussed in the previous executive meeting. The meeting was adjourned after the executive members asked for time to speak on the remaining one appropriation bill.

He also said that the full figure of the policy, program and budget will be presented in the Municipal Council on Friday.

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