Could Alicia Die in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7?

could alicia die in fear the walking dead season 7

Will Alicia die in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7? Fans are unsure of what to expect, as there are a number of possibilities. Alicia could contract a rare illness that is universe-shattering, or she could suffer from a long-drawn-out illness that won’t result in her death. Among the possibilities are sepsis or tetanus. Or, she could even contract an infection from a walker bite.

Alicia ClarkAlicia Clark

Alicia Clark

Could Alicia Die in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7?

Alicia has been sick for a while, and her doctors have not given a reason to kill her, yet we’ve still seen her in a variety of ways. Alicia’s illness started when she accidentally stabbed a walker with a sharpened gun mount. After the episode, she gets decontaminated and goes on a hiatus from killing walkers.

Alicia’s illness is revealed to be an infection, and she isn’t going to die immediately. At one point, she is seen reassuranceing her brother after he’s shot. But she’s also visibly upset when she sees Nick, and even though she’s not sure what’s happening, she assures him that it’s not her fault.

As she runs back to shore, she talks to Nick about the children. She tells him that something’s off with them. He tells her that something’s wrong. Alicia replies “Everything’s off.”

Alicia’s episode ends with the same scene, but the same scene has a different plot twist. The scene opens with Alicia running outside a bar with her friends, and she spots the infected woman wearing flannel. She thinks it’s her mother, but she’s sure, so she stabs the infected woman in the head. Luckily, Elena comes along behind her and saves the day.

Alicia’s illness could be from tetanus or sepsis

While many fans think Alicia’s fever is due to tetanus, others are of the opinion that the infection is caused by sepsis. A walker bitten Alicia’s hand three months earlier is the likely cause of her illness. But in Season 7, Alicia has been battling with a persistent fever. This fever has even led her to cut off her arm. While the doctor assumes Alicia had tetanus, many fans believe it is from sepsis.

In “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 7, Alicia’s illness is caused by tetanus, but there is no way to tell for sure. Although her arm was amputated and she had to undergo surgery, there is a chance that Alicia has tetanus or sepsis. This is a possibility because she is still fighting to survive.

In the season premiere, Alicia’s illness could be due to tetanus or sepses. During this time, Alicia has been struggling to keep up with her sister, Morgan. But in the second episode, Morgan has joined the group. Alicia and Morgan are a team that has to work together to find Elias Vasquez, a former US Senator who’s believed to be in a mysterious safe house called PADRE. While Alicia does not have enough information to pinpoint the location of this building, she is a leader and believes that dead people retain their memories from previous lives.

Alicia’s illness could be from a walker bite

The fear that Alicia was infected by a walker bite in Fear the Walking dead Season 7 is a valid speculation. In a previous episode, Alicia’s arm was amputated, and the senator who had bitten her claimed that it was from a walker bite. Alicia, however, woke up in the hospital with a fever and pus in her arm. The infection was a sign of sepsis.

As she continues to battle the infection, Alicia will try to convince Morgan that she’s not a zombie. This could mean some very interesting revelations within the “TWD” universe. In addition, Alicia’s death could be dramatic for fans. The episode also promises to show Madison Clark’s return, which follows her apparent death at the hands of walker-wielding zombies.

Although the episode has not confirmed that Alicia was bitten by a walker, her illness could have come from a walker bite. Several characters have survived a walker bite, including Rick. The episode will also introduce the idea of a zombie’s “badass” attitude. Fear seems obsessed with making Alicia the most “badass” walker killer possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

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