A couple Staying at the funeral of father died in a fire

funeral died in fire
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A couple Staying at the funeral has died in a fire that broke out in Madi Municipality-5 of Kimathanka-Sankhuwasabha.

Rajendra Babu Dahal, 47, and Kamala Bhandari Dahal, 44, of Kiriyaputri died in a fire last night, said Ward Chairman of Ward No. 5 Netra Prasad Dahal.

The couple, who were staying for the funeral of their 84-year-old father Krishna Prasad Dahal seven days ago, died in a fire at their own house.

He informed that Rajendra Babu, who was seriously injured in the fire, died on the way to Okharbote Bazaar and his wife Kamala died on the spot.