Court cannot appoint Deuba as PM: PM KP Oli

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Prime Minister KP Oli has said the court cannot appoint a prime minister. 

Submitting an 18-point written reply to the Supreme Court, Oli said, The court has to interpret the constitution and the law, the court itself cannot play the role of legislature or executive.

“This is a very political and executive process,” Oli said. Article 76 of the constitution does not give the right to appoint a prime minister to anyone except the president. 

It is not envisaged that a trial will be held in the House of Representatives or the court on whether a person who has not been appointed in accordance with subsection (5) of section 76 was in a position to get a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives. 

The current constitution does not provide for the election of a prime minister like the 2019 constitution or the 2063 constitution. In this case, the question of parliamentary privilege as mentioned in the writ petition of the Opposition cannot be attracted to the present case.