Covid-19 confirmed in 7 employees of Dharche village municipality of Gorkha

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Covid-19 infection has been confirmed in seven employees of Dharche village municipality. 

According to the village municipality, the corona has been confirmed in the planning officer, accountant, engineer, ward secretary, computer operator, and agriculture and livestock staff.

Ram Bahadur Adhikari, chief administrative officer of the village municipality, said that an arrangement has been made to provide services through isolation after the infection was seen in the employees.

 “As it is the closing time of the financial year, the workload is high at this time,” the official said.

Dharche has been operating a rented office in Tripura Sundari Gaonpalika-2 Arughat of Dhading for some time as there is no electricity and internet service in Machakhola. 

Officials say that they have been providing services by renting hotels.

“Employees with covid are isolated in the same hotel, they are working from there,” he said. 

He said that arrangements have been made to provide services in such a way that the service recipients do not have to go in direct contact with the infected employees. 

He said that the infected employees showed symptoms of common cold and fever.