Covid-19 Infections are on the rise, as the ban relaxes

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Covid-19 Infections are on the rise

With the relaxation of the ban, the graph of Covid-19 infection has also started rising. 

Statistics from the Ministry of Health and Population show that the infection rate has risen over the past week.

As the government has gradually relaxed the ban, the rate of infection has been increasing. 

The rate of infection has increased due to overcrowding and non-implementation of public health standards.

Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari, the Joint Spokesperson of the Ministry, said that the infection rate is also increasing due to the increase in the number of people coming in the summer. 

Despite repeated requests to enforce public health standards, avoid crowds and maintain a social distance of two meters, people have refused. It has been found that the infection rate is gradually increasing.

“The rate of infection is increasing as soon as it is released. The rate of infection has been on the rise for the past one week, ‘he said.

Although the second wave of infection has dropped to 1,800 daily, it is now gradually increasing. 

Now that number has risen to 3,000. 

Of the 14,182 people tested on July 16, 2,936 were infected, but by Thursday, July 22, the number had risen to 2,714.

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