Covid-19 infections began to decline in Australia

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New South Wales, Australia has seen a decline in the number of new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) on Saturday.

Earlier, two consecutive days in the state in 2021, the highest number of new infections were found daily.

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, has seen a drop in infections since the lockdown. Sydney has been locked down for the next week.
Sixteen new corona infections were added in New South Wales on Saturday.

Of those added, 13 were already in isolation. Earlier, the number of newly infected people was 35 on Friday and 31 new ones were found on Thursday.

‘The last 24 hours of coronary heart disease are encouraging. We know that the number of infections can increase at any time. 

The next few days will be very important for us, “said Gladys Berezclian, Premier of New South Wales.

Australia has been a successful country in controlling the corona epidemic with the help of very strong locks and other public health measures. 

However, in the last few weeks, the infection of the corona has increased in Australia due to the delta variant.

As the Corona outbreak escalated, a lockdown was announced last year in the capitals of three Australian states. Corona has been found to be the most infected in New South Wales this time around.

Corona infections have been reduced, and some states’ logs have been loosened. 

The lockdown in Queensland a year ago has now been lifted.

 The administration has decided to remove the lockdown as soon as only one person is found infected.

The capital of Western Australia, Perth, will be closed from Friday night. 

However, the ban on social activities will remain in place until next Tuesday. 

In Victoria, another state in Australia, no new coronavirus infections have been found in the last week.


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