Members of the CPN-UML provincial assembly will resign from the cabinet

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Members of the CPN-UML provincial committee in the current government have been ordered to resign from the cabinet by the CPN-UML provincial committee.

The decision of the UML central standing committee in Kathmandu to withdraw support for the government led by Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta prompted the directive.

Karna Bahadur Thapa, the chair of the committee, said that a letter was written to Tara Lama Tamang, the leader of the parliamentary party, asking her to recall all three ministers in the cabinet and assist in the formation of a government led by the party.

Prakash Shah, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Law, Maya Bhatta, the Minister of Industry, Forest, Environment and Tourism, and Krishna Raj Subedi, the Minister of Social Development, all represent the UML in the administration. They do, however, belong to the Madhav Kumar Nepal group, which has been expelled from the party.

Meanwhile, despite the standing committee’s decision, the UML Parliamentary Party meeting today opted not to withdraw its support for the province government.

Those who go against the party’s official decision, according to Provincial Committee Chair Thapa, would face consequences.