Curtis Waters received the American Gold Award by RIAA

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Curtis Waters (Abhi Bastakoti), A Nepali-origin singer has received an American Gold award by RIAA.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced in a statement that Bastakoti has been shortlisted for the 2021 Gold and Platinum Award.

With 43 new artists named at the awards this year, he received this year’s RIAA Gold Award for his hit song ‘Stunnin’.

Mitch Glazier, president, and CEO of the organization said that the role of musicians who receive this award is significant in the creative and professional field of music.

RIAA is a professional organization dedicated to the promotion of music. Its members are important music business organizations involved in the music business of the world and working with famous artists.

21-year-old Curtis Waters from North Carolina, USA has his song ‘ Stunnin ‘ included in his album ‘Pitti Party’. The song, brought to market by an international record label called BMG, has so far flowed more than a billion times through various mediums. Curtis has received certificates for Stunnin, including Canada Double Platinum, Australia Platinum, Brazil Platinum, Mexico Gold, India Gold, New Zealand Gold, and USA Gold.