CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Open for General Public

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CYC Nepal Laghubitta is going to open IPO issuance for the general public from 2nd of Baishakh 2079 BS. CYC Nepal Laghubitta Microfinance is about to issue 3,95,336 IPOs worth Rs. 39.53 million. Applications for the IPO can be submitted as early as 6th Baisakh, 2079 and as late as 16th of Baishakh.

Out of the total shares to be issued by microfinance, 6,082 shares have been reserved for employees and 19,766 shares have been reserved for collective investment funds. The general public will be able to apply for the remaining 369,488 shares.

CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO How to Apply Now CYC Laghubitta IPO

IPO Application open from: Baisakh 2, 2079 BS.
IPO open for General Public: 3,95,336 kitta Share
Minimum Shares Apply: 10 Kitta
Maximum number of Shares apply: 1,000 Kitta
IPO Application Closing Date (Soon): Baisakh 6th, 2079 (Banking Time)
IPO Shares Capital Merchant Office: Global IME Capital
IPO Result Published Date: published later (IPO Result Check Methods are given below)

Interested applicants can apply through C-ASWA Member Banks and Financial Institutions and MyShare website and app. Investors can apply for a minimum of 10 lots to 1,000 lots, according to IPO issuance and sales manager Global IME Capital Limited.

CARE RATINGS Nepal has given CARE NP Double B minus issuer rating to microfinance in the credit rating for IPO issue.  This indicates that there is a moderate risk in fulfilling financial obligations on time. Apply IPO Share How to Apply IPO Share

HOW to Apply Share: C-ASWA member banks and financial institutions and My Share’s website and My Share’s mobile app can apply for the company’s IPO. The general public can also apply for IPO through banks and financial institutions licensed by the Nepal Securities Board and their branch offices and through my share app (software). Apply Process Link Given below.
Where to Fill up Form for IPO of CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO
Applicants can apply Share IPO from
: In your respective mero share opening bank branch & from your meroshare account. Global IME Capital has acted as the sales manager.

Check IPO Result Easily & Quickly- How To Check IPO Result

cyc nepal laghubitta ipo open for general public

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