Dadheldhura Nepal sees a decrease rate of COVID-19 infection


For a week in Dadheldhura, the cases of the second wave of COVID-19 were reported in declining order.

According to Dadheldhura Chief Ashutosh Shrestha of the District Health Office, the infection rate has been between 15% to 20% for the past week, down from 40% previously.

This was discovered after a research was undertaken on complete PCR and antigen tests among the suspects, with the findings coming back negative.

According to Shrestha, the fall in infection rates could be due to adherence to health safety measures. He also believes that good enforcement and compliance with prohibitory orders may have had a significant impact in the drop in flu-like infection rates.

In addition, the number of patients suspected of and infected with dangerous illnesses at the district’s health institutions has begun to decline.

Since a week, the number of COVID-19 patients has decreased by 50% in many health facilities here. Covid-19 infection is more common in rural sections of the district than in urban regions. As a result, Shrestha added, more and more tests were being undertaken in the impacted districts.