Dashain 2079

Dashain 2079 is being celebrated across the country today

Today is the 10th day of the Bada Dashain festival, which is called Vijaya Dashami. People all over the country are getting tika and blessings from their elders to celebrate.

Prof. Shree Krishna Adhikari, who is the head of the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, says that the best time to get tika today is at 11:51 am.

Prof. Adhikari added, though, that tika can be given all day today because the day itself is lucky.

The nine-day worship of Sri Durga Bhawani at Dasainghars ends with the abhishekh, or sprinkling of holy water, which marks the start of tika on the day of Vijaya Dashami.

Until the full moon, people get tika and jamara.

Dashain 2079 Nepal

Tika and jamara are thought to be gifts from the goddess Nawa Durga that bring good luck and prosperity.

People believe that if you start a new job, campaign, or trip on the lucky day of Vijaya Dashami, you don’t need to find a good time.

The Vijaya Dashami festival is a way to remember that good won over evil and that divine forces won over demonic forces.

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