Dashain Festival: The right way to eat meat this Dashain!

Dashain Festival Right way to eat meat

Dashain Festival: It is considered as a festival of eating well and dressing well after receiving the blessings of the devotees as always this year too.

The food of the Dashain Festival has a special significance. For those who eat fish and meat, Dashain without meat can be sour.

Dashain Festival

Khasi meat is also very popular among the meat eaten in Dashain Festival. Apart from that, chicken, raga, goat, chengra, Haas, fish, and other types of meat are eaten. Meat contains some nutrients. It makes up for the lack of essential nutrients in our bodies. However, meat should be eaten properly and cooked only with pleasure. Otherwise, you may get sick.

Dashain Festival

How to eat meat in Dashain!

A) In Dashain, one should not eat too much meat at one time and also eat vegetables, fruits, water, and salad together. By doing this, the negative effects of meat can be reduced. Also, constipation can be avoided.

B) Roasted meat should not be eaten as much as possible in Dashain. Normally cooked or boiled meat is healthy.

C) Some people do not digest meat. In this case, one cup of yogurt should be consumed daily. It should be eaten in the morning, after meals, and during the day. It improves digestion.

D) People with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure should not eat starchy foods and lean meat. Similarly, eating more meat and eating more salt can lead to high blood pressure. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only medicine that can cure gastric ulcers most effectively.

E) For those who want to consume less fat, it is better to separate the fat from chicken meat and use it. Such meats contain more protein than fat. If you want to lose weight, you should eat less rice/chewing gum with meat and more salad and greens.

Not only meat but also vegetarian food needs to be taken care of in quantity and hygiene. Otherwise, vegetarian food can be more harmful than beneficial in some cases.