Dashain Tika Sait

Dashain Tika Sait 2079: Sait in 2022 for tika this year

Dashain Tika Sait 2079: Check out Tika sait for Dashain in 2022 for this year. One of the most significant festivals in Nepal is Dashain.

Hindus around the world celebrate it as Nepal’s national holiday.

This celebration is for exchanging joy, happiness, and positive energy while letting go of earlier tensions, misunderstandings, and problems. Ten days are observed, with the tenth day being the most important.

A time for the opening of this Tika has been set by the Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, a group of priests and astrologers. Here is the Sait/Sahit for this year:

Dashain Tika Sait 2079/2022

EventDashain Tika Sait
DateWednesday, October 5 (2079/06/19)
Time11:51 onward AM NST (Nepal Time)

Dashain Tika sait 2079/2022

Dashain tika sait for this year is at 11:51 am on October 5, 2022.

Dashain TikaWednesday, October 5 (2079/06/19)11:51 am

Other Countries

Doha, Qatar- 08:15 AM (Oct 05)

kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 10:25 AM (Oct 05)

Abu Dhabi, UAE- 09:01 AM (Oct 05)

Saudi Arabia- 09:55 AM (Oct 05)

Delhi, India- 10:45 AM (Oct 05)

Sydney, Australia- 10:41 AM (Oct 05)

Melbourne, Australia- 10:55 AM (Oct 05)

Brisbane, Australia- 11:05 AM (Oct 05)

Tokyo, Japan- 10:39 AM (Oct 05)

Seoul, South Korea- 10:51 AM (Oct 05)

Wellington, New Zealand- 10:57 AM (Oct 05)

Toronto, Canada- 11:39 AM (Oct 04)

London- 11:57 AM (Oct 04)

California, USA- 11:45 AM (Oct 04)

New York, USA- 11:11 AM (Oct 04)

Texas, USA- 11:35 AM (Oct 04)

Kentucky, USA- 11:55 AM (Oct 04)

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