Dateline Blue Blanket Mystery NJ Timothy Wiltsey Missing Found Dead: Mom Michelle Lodzinski Charges

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The mystery of NJ Timothy Wiltsey’s disappearance was recently explored on the Dateline Blue Blanket episode. On the episode, they even said he was found dead.

According to his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, Timothy William “Timmy” Wiltsey was a 5-year-old kid from South Amboy, New Jersey, who went missing on May 25, 1991 at a carnival in nearby Sayreville.

About 11 months later, his remains were discovered across the Raritan River in the marshlands of nearby Edison, near an office park where Lodzinski had previously worked.

Michelle changed her account about how her son went missing within a month of his kidnapping, and her cold demeanor on the few occasions she talked publicly about the case made her a suspect.

NJ Timothy WiltseyNJ Timothy Wiltsey

NJ Timothy Wiltsey

Murder: Dateline Blue Blanket Mystery NJ Timothy Wiltsey Missing

Timothy Wiltsey’s disappearance became such a major topic in the United States that it was even included on Wikipedia, according to Dateline Blue Blanker Musterty NJ.

Michelle Lodzinski later told police that she and her boyfriend spent the afternoon playing kickball, walking around the lake, and visiting the petting zoo in a park near Holmdel.

Lodzinski arrived at the carnival just after 7 p.m., without picking up her niece or calling the girl’s mother.

Jennifer Blair, another niece, was seen with a friend at an unspecified time in the future. To report the incident, the three went to a Sayreville auxiliary police officer.

She’d told them she’d lost track of Wiltsey after leaving him in a carnival ride line while she went to buy a drink and they observed her frantically looking around.

Timothy Wiltsey was discovered dead

The most recent information on Timothy Wiltsey’s case is that he was discovered deceased. In South Amboy, he and his mother shared a house.

After misplacing her son at a fair during Memorial Day weekend, Lodzinski reported him missing.

Authorities have been on the lookout for him, but we haven’t been able to locate him. His head and bones were discovered in a creek in April 1992, after a year.

Wiltsey’s remains were located near Lodzinski’s workplace, the Raritan Center in Edison. However, there was no evidence of his mother’s DNA at the spot.

The state’s only substantial piece of evidence was the boy’s blanket, which was recovered with his body. However, this was insufficient evidence of her wrongdoing.

Mom of Timothy Wiltsey Michelle Lodzinski has been charged

Michelle Lodzinski, the mother of a 5-year-old boy who was murdered in 1991, will be highlighted on NBC’s “Dateline” on Friday evening, bringing one of Central Jersey’s most notorious murder cases into the national limelight.

Andrea Canning is a published author. Timmy Wiltsey, a five-year-old boy from Sayreville, New Jersey, was reported missing from a carnival in 1991 by Michelle Lodzinski. His remains were discovered in a creek eleven months later.

Former New Jersey State Police Detective Keith Hackett, retired State Police Detective Sgt., will be interviewed by Dateline writer Andrea Canning.

Jerry Lewis, Jennifer Dilcher, Timothy Wiltsey’s cousin, Linda Hisey, Lodzinski’s sister, and Tara Packard, Wiltsey’s childhood friend.

Detectives conducted a decades-long investigation until a family member discovered critical evidence that led to the identification of a suspect.

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