Decrease in foreign employment But the number of deaths remains the same

foreign employment

Although the number of people going for foreign employment ( Baideshik Rojgar) has decreased in the last year due to the Corona epidemic, the number of deaths abroad has not come down.  

Experts have been pointing out that the government needs to move ahead with a safe resettlement plan as people in foreign employment continue to die in the first and second epidemics. According to the Foreign Employment Board, 146 people, including seven women, have died in foreign employment in Chait.  

Many countries, including Malaysia, have stopped taking Nepali youths for foreign employment, citing the Corona epidemic. The Board has stated that financial assistance has been distributed to 1,079 people who died in foreign employment in 2077 BS alone. The Board provides Rs. 700,000 to the families of those who die in foreign employment during the remaining period of the labor agreement. Similarly, insurance companies provide more than Rs 1.4 million to the family of the deceased.  

In the last 12 years, more than 7,000 Nepalis who have gone to different countries for employment have lost their lives. According to the statistics of the board, 7,253 people have lost their lives from July to April, 2008.  

This number is only for receiving financial assistance from the secretariat of the board. Apart from this, they have lost their lives in foreign employment but have not received financial assistance. In the last 12 years, most Nepalis have died in Malaysia. Two thousand six hundred and two people have died in Malaysia during this period. There are 338 suicides. The board has statistics that 407 people have died due to cardiac arrest and 411 due to natural causes.  

Many Nepalis have lost their lives due to workplace accidents and road accidents. In Malaysia alone, 155 people have been killed in road accidents and 251 in workplace accidents. A total of 224 people have died in Malaysia due to heart attacks, while 20 people have been killed during this period.  

Meanwhile, most Nepalis in Saudi Arabia have lost their lives due to road accidents. Five hundred and seventy-eight people have died in road accidents in the last 12 years. One hundred and sixty-four people have died due to workplace accidents. One hundred and sixty-three people have committed suicide and seven hundred and forty-five deaths have been reported due to natural causes. According to the board, two Nepalis were killed in Saudi Arabia during this period.  

Of the 1,419 deaths in Qatar, most were due to cardiac arrest. Five hundred and twenty-one have died due to cardiac arrest. A total of 116 people have been killed in road accidents and 154 in workplace accidents. One hundred and twenty-five people have committed suicide in Qatar during this period. Twenty-two people have been killed in 12 years.  

One hundred and twelve people have died due to heart attack. According to the board, 582 people have lost their lives in the UAE. One hundred and sixty-four people have lost their lives due to cardiac arrest. Then there are the highest number of road accidents and suicides. 79 people have committed road accidents and 94 have committed suicide.  

99 and 33 people have died in workplace accidents due to natural causes. The number of suicides is high in South Korea, an attractive country for employment. During the review period, 36 Nepalis committed suicide in Korea. At least 14 people have been killed in road accidents in the same country while 11 people have been killed in road accidents. One person has been killed and six others have died of heart attacks. At least 10 people have died of natural causes in Korea, while 23 have died of other causes. One hundred and seventeen people have died in Korea during this period.  

Road accidents, workplace accidents, heart attacks and suicides are the leading causes of death abroad. One hundred and sixty-four women have lost their lives abroad during this period. Twelve women have died in road accidents in the UAE. Similarly, 18 women have committed suicide there.

Of the 37 people who lost their lives in Kuwait, 15 are women. Eleven women have died in Kuwait due to heart attack. In Lebanon, 6-6 women have died due to suicide and natural causes. Nine women have committed suicide in Malaysia and two in Bahrain.  

Covid reduced foreign employment

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, after Corona (March 2076 to March 2077), one lakh three thousand Nepalis have gone for foreign employment. This is a decrease of about four lakhs compared to the same period of the previous year. Before that, in the same period last year (March 2075 to March 2076), the number of Nepalis going for foreign employment was three lakh 68 thousand, including old and new.  

Corona has affected Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia and European countries. Japan, Israel and South Korea have not taken workers. As the risk of corona increases, the number of people returning from destination countries losing their jobs has increased. But the victim says that they have become unemployed due to lack of employment. According to the Corona Control Management Committee, 436,400 people who were stranded abroad after the epidemic have returned home.  

Labor approval in the physical presence  

Those who go for foreign employment are allowed to work in physical presence one day every week. The labor permit, which has been closed since April 8, has been resumed from Wednesday.  

The work of approving labor online was going on even during the period of prohibition. The Tahachal office under the Department of Foreign Employment has now made arrangements to physically approve labor every Wednesday of the week. Air travel to the destination country of Nepali workers has not been regular.