Demand for chemical fertilizers is high, supply is low, farmers are suffering

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Chemical fertilizers

The demand for chemical fertilizers is increasing in Siraha every year. Farmers are facing problems due to the non-supply of chemical fertilizers as per the demand. 

Sales and distribution of other chemical fertilizers have increased as the supply of DAP and urea fertilizers has been declining in Lahan-based Agricultural Ingredients Company Limited.

On the one hand, the demand for chemical fertilizer is increasing in Siraha, and on the other hand, the farmers are facing problems as the supply of fertilizer is declining every year in Lahan, an agricultural material company that has been selling and distributing chemical fertilizer in the district.

Compared to the fiscal year 2076/07, the supply of 32,500 bags of DAP and 6,440 bags of urea fertilizer has decreased in the last fiscal year. In the fiscal year 2076/07, 92,683 bags of DAP and 84,960 bags of urea manure were supplied, while in the last fiscal year, 60,183 bags of DAP and 78,520 bags of urea manure were supplied, said Maniraj Poudel, head of Lahan Agricultural Ingredients Company.

According to him, 23,077 bags of urea and 2,400 bags of DAP manure were supplied in the fiscal year 2075/076 BS while 26,788 bags of urea and 8,549 bags of DAP manure were supplied in the fiscal year 2074/07. He said that there is a shortage of chemical fertilizer in the district due to non-supply as per the demand. 

Similarly, 95,320 bags of DAP manure and 98,705 bags of urea manure were supplied in the fiscal year 2073/07, according to Lahan Agricultural Materials Company. In Siraha, only 30,000 bags of urea and the same amount of DAP manure was needed in July, but currently, 15,885 bags of urea and 2,800 bags of DAP manure have been supplied, according to the Agricultural Ingredients Company. 

After receiving the amount from the central office of the Agricultural Ingredients Company, the quota has been fixed and distributed to the farmers through the dealers of the cooperatives at the local level in Siraha from yesterday. 

“We received only 15,885 bags of urea and 2,800 bags of DAP manure last Friday,” said Poudel. He said that the quota of manure has been fixed at the local level on the basis of crop density and cultivable area and distribution of manure through cooperative dealers has been started on the basis of recommendations.
Despite repeated correspondence with the Center for supply due to increased demand for DAP and urea fertilizer, Chief Poudel said that the supply was declining every year. 

As the annual supply of DAP and urea fertilizers has been reduced, the agricultural material company Lahan has sold only chemical fertilizers worth about half the price. 

In FY 2076/07, Rs. Lahan, an agro-based company, sold fertilizer worth Rs. 274.33 million in the last fiscal year. Narayan Khadka, the chief accountant of the office, said that only chemical fertilizers worth Rs 196.56 million were sold.

In Siraha, the Agricultural Ingredients Company and Salt Trading Company have been distributing manure in villages through cooperatives and in non-cooperative villages on the recommendation of the local level. 

Although the demand for urea and DAP fertilizer has increased due to the time of planting paddy, there is a shortage of urea and DAP fertilizer in Siraha due to rising prices in the international market, transportation problems, uncontrolled use of fertilizer, and tightening at the Indian border, said Poudel. 

Mukti Yadav, president of the Federation of Nepalese Farmers, said that the farmers were facing a food crisis due to a shortage of supply of DAP and urea fertilizer. He said that the farmers here have been looking for dealers for manure every year due to lack of supply as per the demand. 

According to Agriculture Knowledge Center Raj Biraj Saptari, paddy has been planted in 95 percent of the total 60,757 hectares of cultivable land in Siraha this year. 

Even though paddy is planted in most of the cultivable lands, the farmers are suffering due to the non-availability of fertilizer in time. 

Farmers have said that they have to buy expensive fertilizers from businessmen as they do not get the subsidized chemical fertilizers even when it comes to fertilizing paddy.

 “It’s time to put manure in paddy. DAP is not available in the market,” said farmer Raj Kishor Yadav. 

He said that even though the cooperatives distributed manure in the village, they could not supply it as per the demand. 

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