Demonstration against the decision to affiliate B&C Hospital

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A demonstration has taken place in Kathmandu against the preparations to give affiliation to B&C Medical College of Jhapa, which is run by Durga Prasai.

The 625th meeting of the Executive Council of Kathmandu University held on May 14 had recommended the Medical Education Commission to give affiliation to B&C.

In opposition to that, Solidarity for Dr. Govinda KC A demonstration was held at Maitighar Mandala on Thursday at the call of Govinda KC. Police have taken protesters from the control of the Maite.

Demonstrators carried placards with slogans such as “Stop smuggling, stop breaking the law, stop interfering with the Medical Education Commission.”

Based on the inspection report, it was decided to give consent for affiliation as per Section 13 (6) of the Medical Education Act and send it to the Commission for approval along with the number of seats.

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