Demonstration of ANNFSU closer to ruling UML, demand for a fresh mandate

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The sister organization of the ruling CPN-UML, ANNFSU, has staged a demonstration saying that a fresh mandate is needed to get the country out.

On Friday, they staged a demonstration in Kathmandu demanding to create a conducive environment for elections to protect democracy.

Participants chanted slogans demanding constitutional supremacy and the party system. He also said that they should unite against political instability, independent thinking, and tendencies and create public opinion in favor of a fresh mandate.

Ain Maher, the chairperson of UNHCR, said that the demonstrations were held to warn the parties advocating for independence not to be a puppet of regression. He said that they have come to the streets to defend the constitution and democracy.

He said that all the people should be made aware of the attack on democracy and the constitution. The organization has accused the Independent Alliance of holding the country hostage.