Dhangadhi Sub-metropolis has brought policies and programs for the coming fiscal year 2079/80

Dhangadhi Sub-metropolis has brought policies and programs for the coming fiscal year 2079/80

July 7, Dhangadhi. Dhangadhi Sub-metropolis has made public the policy and program for the coming fiscal year 2079/80.

In the meeting of the Municipal Council held on Tuesday after the newly elected, Chairman of the Municipal Council and Mayor Gopal Hamal presented the annual policy and program for the coming fiscal year 2079/80.

Introducing the policy and program, Hamal said that the city of happiness, peace and prosperity: Dhangadhi is a metropolis with a long-term vision and our Dhangadhi: We will move forward by creating a fundamental framework for economic, political, social and environmental development in a planned manner.

In the policy and program brought by giving priority to agriculture, education, health, employment and infrastructure development, the main priority has been given to the protection of public land by removing the structures built by encroaching on government, public and private lands within the urban area.

For the balanced, sustainable and equitable development of the sub-metropolis, Dhangadhi will be formed as a city expert group, to develop it as a clean, healthy and green city, next year will be celebrated as sanitation year, one ward one production program will be continued and easy and accessible agricultural loan will be available. The policy and program also mentions the management of community quadrupeds in collaboration with partner bodies, our tradition, our culture: protection and promotion, our shared responsibility to protect the identity of all communities.

To make Dhangadhi a healthy city: to develop it as an educated city, to develop and implement local curriculum from basic level grades 1 to 8, to construct one ward one playground, to run city major educational quality improvement program, to run specialist ward health clinics in all wards monthly, He also said that the ambulance service will be made effective by conducting ward one ambulance program and one ward one green garden program.

Priority has also been given to continue the work of administering justice in a speedy, quick and transparent manner by the Judicial Committee by embracing the value of justice as delay in administration of justice and lack of justice.

The policy and program of the coming year presented in the Municipal Council is being prepared to be discussed and passed in the next meeting to be held on Tuesday.

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