Dhaulagiri Hospital Lacks health workers & doctors

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Dhawalagiri Hospital

Dhaulagiri Hospital has started providing quality services along with the upgrade of Baglung. 

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the hospital, which has been providing excellent management even with limited resources and means, has been able to cope with the limited number of doctors.

During the Corona epidemic, the hospital, which had many infrastructures and equipment, did not have the required number of medical officers, specialists, and health workers. The hospital has stated that there is a problem in providing services as expected due to a lack of health workers and doctors.

The Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Shailendra B. Pokharel, said that there was a shortage of medical officers to operate the ICU and ventilator at a time when the danger of a possible third wave was increasing.

At present, there is only one specialist doctor working in the hospital which has a post of 16 permanent specialists. Apart from the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Pokharel, there is no other specialist doctor in the hospital. At present, 10 specialist doctors are working in the hospital on a contract basis.

Of the six permanent medical officers, only one is currently working in the hospital and has been transferred. Dr. Pokharel informed that there were 15 contract medical officers working in the hospital at the time of the Corona epidemic and now there are only five medical officers working in the hospital.

“We had almost enough manpower to fight the Corona epidemic. The Gandaki state government had added some medical officers targeting Corona but all the doctors were on contract,” said Dr. Pokharel. “We don’t have a medical officer for ICU, ventilator, infant intensive care unit.”

Dr. Pokharel complained that even though he repeatedly raised the issue of doctor’s posts in the state ministry, no hearing was held. 

He said that the Gandaki government had planned to build a four-bed infant intensive care unit and add five more beds, adding that there was a shortage of medical officers and nurses.

“Even if there are ten contracts, there are citizens who have specialists, but it is difficult for them to support their department. Corona patients, ICUs, ventilators have to be visited by physicians.

The same doctor cannot be on duty day and night,” he said. There is a need to have a single doctor in the ward, to provide quality health care, there should be coordination of nurses, medical officers, and specialists, many roles are played by medical officers. ”

Chairman of the hospital management committee KB Ranamagar said that there is a lack of skilled manpower in the hospital despite the addition of equipment. 

“I have drawn the attention of the state’s health and population minister, Madhumaya Adhikari, who has promised to send some doctors,” said Magar. “The C-block of the hospital has not been completed in eight years.

But it has only four beds to produce the water it needs. We have built a six-bed dialysis room but there is a problem in operation. ”

According to the hospital, 18 patients are waiting in the dialysis room. The hospital has stated that the patients will be relieved if they can operate two machines. 

The hospital, which is planning to upgrade to 200 beds, has 50 beds but the hospital is providing additional beds as per the need.

The hospital said the pressure on patients was increasing and that the hospital needed at least 15 medical officers to deal with the corona. The current four / five medical officers in the emergency room are only fine for examination and treatment.

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