Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Location & How to Kill

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During the Dark Wood zone event, Diablo Immortal’s boss Blood Rose serves as both a main-story and a world boss. Diablo Immortal introduces new MMO mechanics such as zone events and world bosses.

These are server-wide events in which players can band together to battle big global bosses and earn a lot of money. During the Purify the Corruption event, however, many players are unsure where to look for the Blood Rose. Worse, they’re having trouble killing it since she always recovers back to full strength. We’ll show you where to find the Blood Rose and how to kill it in this tutorial.

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose: Where to Find It and How to Kill It

Only Hell 1 or harsher difficulties have access to the zone event content. Once you’ve completed the main story on normal difficulty and reached level 60 on a character, these higher difficulties (Hell 1, Hell 2, Hell 3, and Hell 4) will become available. Because higher difficulty levels run as different worlds on a server, you won’t be able to view any zone events previous to Hell 1.

Switch the difficulty to Hell 1 once you’ve reached level 60 with a character, and the Zone Events content will become available. Now enter the Dark Wood and begin taking part in the Purify the Corruption event. You’ll need to replenish your corruption meter throughout this event, and killing the Blood Rose will provide you 28% of that corruption. As a result, it is the most efficient method of achieving 100 percent corruption.

If you’re coming from the north, you’ll discover the Blood Rose in the west-most corner of the Dark Wood, past the Sanguine Ruins, or if you’re coming from the Cursed Grove, you’ll find her following the road to the northwest.

Diablo Immortal: How to Kill Blood Rose
Players will need to challenge the Blood Rose as a group, as she has a ludicrous amount of HP and hence requires a lot of DPS to take down.

The majority of the mechanics in a combat against the Rose are simple, but there is one that is very difficult. She possesses an AoE ability that allows her to restore herself back to full health if players stand in the damage zone. This ability “suckers” players in, inflicting damage and restoring herself at the same time. All players fighting her must stay out of her life-sucking circle of death, and you’ll have no trouble defeating her.

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